Project from March 2017



Bathroom from March 2017


We had a customer come to us asking for a complete bathroom renovation. The bathroom was extremely small and a restricted space. The customer asked for the bath to be taken out and a shower cubicle to be put in. Our team did a fantastic job; creating a bathroom that looked like an entirely different room. We revamped the bathroom with a new colour scheme as well, creating a brighter atmosphere with on-trend grey tones and highlights. We also created more storage using a vanity unit and over-head storage in the shape of a mirrored cabinet.


Bathroom before renovation.

Miss Webb bathroom Before 3

Our customer struggled with storage space


Miss Webb bathroom Before 2



Miss Webb bathroom Before 1



After bathroom renovation

The following photographs are the finished room, and I’m sure you can agree it has completely transformed the bathroom.

Webb bathroom after 1

We installed brand new grey tone tiles, with a darker feature band around the top of the wall, creating a subtle and yet striking contrast.

Webb bathroom after 3


Newly installed shower enclosure with a sleek and stylish vanity unit and basin. The shower enclosure also features a glitter effect shower panel, which adds a classy sparkle feature to the shower area.


Webb bathroom after 2


Our installation team left the job satisfied and we had one extremely happy customer as a reward!