Easy Access Bathrooms – Project Two


The guideline from the customer on this project was to help create easier and safer access to the showering area with as little extra remedial work in the bathroom as possible. The main element of our task was to design a cubicle that would ensure space and practical options available to our customer and her carers.

The initial work we undertook was to remove the existing glass shower screen, shower tray and tiles safely without disturbing any of the other components in the bathroom that were to remain intact.

With this soundly executed it was onto the main stage of the job which was to create an underfloor waste outlet which had to be chopped into the concrete floor and directed into customers current outside drain. It was paramount that the new waste had a very generous fall to allow the slim-line shower tray to drain away as quick as possible.



After the shower tray had been installed as low to the floor as physically possible we then moved on to  re-tiling the area around the shower tray, having been instructed to source replacement tiles to the exact size of customers original tiles and to achieve a nice complimentary balance between both we decided to make an elegant contrast by installing tiles in a slightly darker shade which brought a fresh simple feature to the showering area.



The finishing touches were applied by installing the half height easy access shower panel, shower rail & two different height shower curtains. The smaller length curtain was installed directly above the half height shower panel as to assist the carers in a way that made easier access to the shower area without the danger of getting wet.

With the project complete we received very positive comments from the customer who was delighted with our efforts in lowering the shower tray as low as possible to the floor to help them with access without having the need for a wet room style floor and also the way in which more space had been created to help in their quest for a much safer showering experience for themselves and their carers.