Easy Access Bathrooms – Project One


This project was certainly of a different nature to most, as the shower arrangement was directly positioned inside a bedroom and our customer was very clear in the changes they required undertaking. Our client`s ability to enter and exit their current shower safely was of serious concern to them so from the outset our key priorities were safety, comfort and practicality. This meant that to deliver our directives precisely we had to maximise the very little space we had at our disposal with as little upheaval as possible to the rest of the room.



We commenced our remedial work by making good the floor area and re-enforcing the floor boards. We then installed an isolation pull switch for the electric shower as a safety measure because our customer hadn`t previously had one installed.

We then installed a 900x760mm slim-line shower tray with a fast flow waste, as the joists ran in a favourable direction we were able to position the tray flat to the floor which meant it sat at least 4 inches lower than the previous tray. The Multi panels and the Twyford GO6 shower enclosure were installed.



As we neared the completion of this project we moved onto installing the floor tiles which were of an anti-slip texture, this was to help make the transition in and out of the enclosure a safer experience.

Our final finishing touches included the re-location of the customers` existing shower seat  and positioned it to the wall at a comfortable height and on the opposite wall to the shower to enable the user a safe and able position to control the shower. The grab rail was installed along with the smedbo single basket.